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Top 10 Playlist

Top 10 Playlist

by EZtwins

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  • Top 10 Playlist

Photo by Nikola Janušić

Enej and Žiga express their unbelievable talent and bond through the energy and perfection of movement.

Their music connects them closely with their passion, their vocation and their mission. They never rest; they are always searching for something new and are open to all genres. This playlist reflects their wide-ranging taste in music and is at the same time a story about how sound and rhythm define them.

Photo by Nikola Janušić

Energy for the day with EZtwins:

1. Tuxedo - The Right Time (Jean Tonique remix).

We like it funky! We choreographed one of our most recent dances to this tune.

2. Phlake - The Rascal

We love how one of our favourite European artists mixes a New-Age smooth-electro approach with his R&B-style vocals. We also like it because we were turned on to this music by our friend Tobias Ellehammer, whom we competed against on the TV show World of Dance.

3. YBN Coredea - RNP (feat. Anderson Paak)

We found out about Anderson Paak after he released his album Malibu. After that, his New-Age funk has always been one of the first ten songs on any of our playlists.

4. Stromae - Defiler

This Belgian is a genius! A fantastic producer, very heavy content and lyrics, one man band … The song is divided into several parts, with a mixture of trap and dance music elements. The video is also worth watching.

5. Masego - You Gon Learn Some Jazz Today

Sometimes we like to check out music with an interesting concept and fresh beats. This is one of those. It's short but sweet. Masego is a virtuoso – he sings, plays a surprising number of instruments and produces his own music.

6. Kaytrenada - Lite spots

One of the DJs we could dance to all night. Excellent song and excellent musician!

7. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication

A classic. Before we became dancers we played football, skated and listened to rock and hard rock.

8. Nas - Made You Look

Nas’s lyrics and messages are special. When we started listening to hip hop, we started with real hip hop. We still turn into kids, go wild and shoot imaginary pistols into the air when we hear this song. :)

9. Chris Brown - No Guidance ft. Drake

We don't often listen to mainstream pop, but this tune is pretty important in modern hip hop and pop culture: after years of acrimony these two got together and made a great song. The last part is especially intense.

10. Zlatko - A Si Ti Tut Not Padu

Zlatko is from Fužine like us, and he has been part of our musical library since his first album. When we were teenagers we spent a lot of time behind the apartment block, and his music inspired and motivated us to keep reaching for our dreams.