Legendary taste!

Special natural flavours blended with the subtle dance of caramel, rose hip, a cocktail of eleven herbs and natural CO2. COCKTA instantly awakens memories of youth and first love, and through its authenticity creates new legends.

Upgraded recipe

retains the full character of COCKTA, its legendary taste, colour, appearance and all the attributes that have made COCKTA so loved since 1953.

The eleven-herb cocktail

is that special ingredient that makes COCKTA unique. A time-tested original mix gives that je-ne-sais-quoi, a mysterious, sublime and outstanding touch that creates the legendary taste of COCKTA.

Completely natural CO2

collected from a deep, pristine well, protected and untouched for millennia, enhances the taste and gives COCKTA its exceptional freshness we all crave.

No glucose-fructose syrup!

The irresistible taste of COCKTA sticks to the original recipe and doesn't make any compromises. While many colas use additives to taste good, COCKTA doesn't have any artificial flavours and tastes legendary!

No caffeineand no orthophosphoric acid!

We cannot emphasise enough the naturalness of COCKTA: we strive for a perfect refreshment for everyone. Enjoy the legendary taste carefree!

Meet the cocktas

Now you can enjoy the legendary Cockta in 3 different packages: in 1.5 l and 0.5 l plastic bottles and in a 0.275 l glass bottle.