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Community Workshop Vol. 6

Community Workshop Vol. 6

by EZtwins

On a late Sunday afternoon in the summer, idling away time in a café on the banks of the Ljubljanica seems the reasonable thing to do. Although the day is perfect for catching sun, a small crowd gathers in a downtown basement hall.

Down the stairway, the smiling faces of Enej and Žiga, the EZtwins, wait at the reception desk. They are surrounded by youngsters busy changing clothes and getting ready for the third workshop of the day. They have already completed three hours of intense training, with two more workshops lined up.

Although there are nearly seventy pairs of legs here, the large dance studio is quiet, and only the squeaking of sneakers can be heard. The mirror reflects movements: heels, toes, jump, turn. Somewhere up in the front is Enej's voice, punctuated by loud laughter. Rest time, breathless dancers in tracksuits, deep sips of cold bubbles, easy-going talk in several languages.

"Let's do this!" Everyone hurries to the dance floor while the sound of Canadian electro-funk fills the room. Dancers shake their knees and suddenly their movements connect and fall into synchronised choreography. Girls, boys, all still fully committed despite hours of training, all different and unique in their style, all focused with the hint of a smile on their faces reflecting the inner energy that comes from doing something with true passion. Their movements combine into one smooth action that appears effortless and simple – as if they were breaking out in a dance to the beats of Chromeo on the streets of Brooklyn.

Five highly talented, world-renowned choreographers, four workshops, infectious energy. A community united by the unstoppable EZtwins, a gang that not only trains and learns together but grows together, bonding and sharing their passion for the hip-hop street dancing culture. A coffee in the sun? Count me out!


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