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Jaka Remec

Jaka Remec

BMX-rider and school student


  • Jaka Remec

»Fear doesn't exist for me. My perseverance is my biggest virtue, and if you don't believe me, see how I ride!«

My love of tricks on a BMX began in early childhood.

I gained the support and confidence of my parents straight away, although it wasn't easy. My father took me to my first training session, and that was the time I had my first fall. That first fall was bad, but I didn't get scared off, I just thought, how can I do the drill better. My father recognised my great desire and allowed me to continue training. Fear doesn't exist for me. When I'm on my bike, I'm thinking only about how I should do the drill the best way I can technically. I pay close attention to my trainer, so I get the trick down as soon as possible. To be in top form, alongside training on the bike you need strength exercises, without which you can't do the tricks.

»I change bike every two months, since I break them during training, and that's normal.«

I train every day, since if you want to be the best, you have to give everything. I train in Austria, because right now there is no hall for training in Ljubljana.

For me nothing is a problem, it's a challenge – I train all day, and after training I study for school in the hotel room. I'm a top-grade student and school is really important for me, and another important part of my everyday life is a love of music. I play the guitar and piano. Training for me is not an effort, it's a joy. In fact I enjoy every day. I don't know how my peers live, but for me my life is great. They are probably playing games and having fun, but for me, fun is exclusively a bike, and I would devote all the time in the world to it.

For the majority of my free time I'm thinking how to achieve the next goal. My main support is my family: my father, mother and twin sister.


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