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Festival Yammatovo

A music festival that's about making connections

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  • Festival Yammatovo

»Some people think that one Yammatovo a year is too little and that we could organise several such events, but we believe that one is better than none.«

Yammatovo is genuine and special, just like its partner Cockta

Yammatovo is a musical event that aims to bring big names together in a spirit of youth. Its genuine character has won it many admirers over the years and their number keeps on growing. Listeners of radio station Yammat FM wanted something more, so in November 2015 the station decided to organise its first festival to mark its anniversary. The guest that year was Marc Almond. In 2016 it was the turn of ABC featuring Martin Fry and the Zagreb Stars Orchestra conducted by Anne Dudley. For the third edition the organisers decided to move away from the Eighties theme and invited The Cardigans. Yammatovo is the social event of the season, above all because people love Yammat, a democratic radio station that broadcasts a wide range of music and has never succumbed to the pressures of format-driven radio.

»Yammatovo 3 fueled by Cockta was an unforgettable spectacle. What will Yammatovo 4 bring?«

An unforgettable spectacle – Yammatovo 3 fueled by Cockta

Cockta has collaborated with Radio Yammat FM every year to organise the music and social event of the season. Last year's third edition of Yammatovo was enjoyed by numerous well-known figures from culture, music and politics, who came together to groove to the rhythm and sip a refreshing Cockta.

This year's Summer Yammatovo fueled by Cockta takes place in Šibenik on 10 August 2018. Among the biggest names in this edition are Pips Chips & Videoclips, Mayales and DJ Maminho. Following last year's success and unique spectacle, the question that raises itself is – what will Yammatovo 4 bring?

Last year a record number of loyal listeners followed the live stream of the event on the Yammatovo website. According to figures from streaming platform Livestream, Yammatovo 3 fueled by Coctka was one of the most watched events in the world that day.


If you love to surrender to the rhythms of music and enjoy socialising, you simply have to discover the festivals sponsored by Cockta. These are events that connect, create ties and fill you with love for the life you're living. Cockta will be with you through all the unforgettable moments of the summer. Grab one and feel the vibrations!