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»My big passion is to capture the moment, to document life and people's emotions in a photograph.«

I have nurtured a love of photography since I was little. My grandfather was a photographer – perhaps there is something in that.

Even in primary school I had my first commission – at a wedding – and I don't know how they trusted me with such great responsibility.

Despite the uncertain times, my parents never asked me why I chose photography in particular. In fact it's my parents who are my constant help and support. And for me photography is the only path that makes sense. Anyone who knows me, knows that everything in my life revolves around it.

»When I'm deciding whether to photograph a person or an object, I always choose the person. Personality can be transferred to a photograph in so many ways.«

You can find my photos in numerous magazines, and I'm proudest of the ones in National Geographic and Vogue. It's a nice feeling when a fashion magazine like Vogue publishes a picture of my grandmother, I'm especially proud of that. My goal is always to show the "soul" of a person through the photograph – everyone has one. In the photo I want to emphasise the imperfection and special quality of that person. For this reason my grandmother was great, since she has a lot of wrinkles but is still beautiful – a proper model. She can stand shoulder to shoulder with any other model.

After Vogue and photographing Chuck Norris, business boomed, people had heard of me, and now I'm so busy I can barely breathe, but I love this, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Although we live in a world in which film is the big thing, I think photography offers much more. Specifically because of its static nature, the viewer can imbibe every last detail in it.

I don't know if I could live without a camera. That feeling you get when you have a good frame and you press the shutter is indescribable. Perhaps I'm old school, but I always prefer an analogue camera to a digital one. For a good photo you have to work hard and think carefully about light, the model, the frame, in fact about everything – there is no going back. A good photograph takes time, especially today, when everyone thinks they are a photographer.

Everything can be learned, but for me photography is an art, whether you have that je ne sais quoi or not.


Ако сакаш да ја видиш иднината, грабни Cockta и погледни во огледалото – тоа си ти. Ти и сите оние смели, автентични луѓе со слободен дух кои имаат храброст, љубов и страст да го направат тоа. Cockta е таму за сите вас – а ти си овде, пред вратата на иднината. Отвори ја!