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Top 10 for a winning day

Top 10 for a winning day

by Matija Cvek

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  • Top 10 for a winning day

Do you become melancholy when the hottest part of the year turns into the most colourful?

Don’t give in to it: instead of your slippers, pull on your favourite trainers, give yourself up to the groove of the past decades, treat yourself to a little romance and share a cold Cockta with someone with the most beautiful eyes in the world.

If you need a few ideas, have a look at Matija Cvek's playlist. The owner of one of the most sensational voices in the Balkans and the writer of a string of big hits came roaring on to the scene and left us with our mouths agape. A singer-songwriter who loves the classics. Take a stroll through his amazing playlist and let a little sunshine into your day!

Top 10 for a winning day

1. Stevie Wonder - Higher ground

2. Michael Jackson - The way you make me feel

3. Dino Dvornik - Lady

4. Bruno Mars - Chunky

5. Grover Washington Jr. - Winelight

6. Esperanza Spalding - Precious

7. George Benson - Turn your love around

8. Al Green - Lets stay together

9. Prince - Controversy

10. Marcus Mumford - When I get my hands on you