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Festival Sea Dance

A festival of the sea and the rhythms of music

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  • Festival Sea Dance

»Sea Dance enjoys a unique seaside location where a chilled Cockta goes down a treat.«

The biggest open-air festival on the Adriatic has a unique location and a legendary sponsor.

Sea Dance has won numerous awards (including Best Medium-Sized European Festival in 2014) and enjoys great reviews in the international media. At the national level, the festival won Montenegro's Wild Beauty Award in 2014 as the event of the year. All this has further raised the festival's profile – already high thanks to its unique location. The festival takes place on Jaz Beach, 2.5 kilometres from the town of Budva. This seaside location makes it the ideal place for the biggest open-air festival on the Adriatic. Last year the main stage area was filled with 30,000 festivalgoers! Cockta did its best to quench everyone's thirst.

»The biggest open-air festival on the Adriatic is ready to see the summer out in unique style.«

Cockta loves hanging out with young people

Cockta collaborates with, sponsors and supports international music festivals throughout the Adriatic region, bringing people the choicest musical treats. The "drink of youth" has always supported the local creativity of young people and promoted authenticity, and is an ambassador for the diversity of all who live for their own thing.

This year's event will take place from 30 August to 1 September in Buljarica (Montenegro) and will feature more than 30 performers including Paul Kalkbrenner, Nina Kraviz, Eagles & Butterflies, Dax J, Sofia Rodina and François X.

Where there's a party there's Cockta – so we will be present at the event itself to help keep thirst at bay during the late summer days. Cockta is also setting new flavour trends: by refining its recipe with natural herb extracts, it is becoming more natural and thus even more attractive to modern consumers. See you on Jaz Beach?


If you love to surrender to the rhythms of music and enjoy socialising, you simply have to discover the festivals sponsored by Cockta. These are events that connect, create ties and fill you with love for the life you're living. Cockta will be with you through all the unforgettable moments of the summer. Grab one and feel the vibrations!