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Festival Fuksi

Festival of Urban Culture

»FUKSi is a festival for modern, dynamic people with a youthful heart.«

A traditional and modern festival for the always young, just like Cockta itself.

FUKSi's principal aim is to contribute to making Slovenia a festival destination and help attract foreign and domestic visitors. The festival's sustainable orientation serves to link festival content, not only at the social and cultural level, but as a way of increasing Slovenia's visibility as a destination, with Ljubljana at its centre. The FUKSi experience is young and dynamic – just like the modern tourist! It is complemented by traditional heritage, a distinctive culinary tradition and the beauties of nature. Slovenia is a pocket-sized country that is able to combine a range of different experiences in a single package that is manageable in terms of both time and distances.

»Together, Cockta and young people can make FUKSi a trendy and traditional festival in the Slovenian capital.«

Cockta knows that young people are the future.

Cockta may be celebrating its 65th birthday, but despite its venerable age it remains a legendary icon of youth for new generations of young people. That is why Cockta decided to support this young music festival in Ljubljana.

The event took place on 15 and 16 June 2018 at Ljubljana's Tobačna Mesto venue, where festivalgoers were entertained by Morcheeba, the one and only Umek, Ten Walls, Mike Vale and many more.

As one of the main sponsors, Cockta was present at this year's Festival of Urban Culture for the first time. We invite everyone who is into urban trends in music, sport, flavours, art and nature to join us at a sustainably oriented and socially engaged festival that follows modern trends.


If you love to surrender to the rhythms of music and enjoy socialising, you simply have to discover the festivals sponsored by Cockta. These are events that connect, create ties and fill you with love for the life you're living. Cockta will be with you through all the unforgettable moments of the summer. Grab one and feel the vibrations!