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This website was designed in order to provide general and specific information on Cockta products, the history of the brand, and potential prize drawings. Atlantic Droga Kolinska does not assume responsibility for the (non-)operation of the website, the (lack of) truthfulness of the data provided by users, or for service failures that are the result of the failure of contractual partners' networks, electricity outages or other technical disruptions that could temporarily disrupt the use of services.

All the contents on the website are of an informative nature. Atlantic Droga Kolinska does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of data publishes, nor for any damage incurred by a user of the website as a result of the use of data from the website. We reserve the right to redirect users to other websites and we assume no responsibility for their content.

In maintaining the contents of the website we will try to provide accurate and up to date data, but we neither guarantee nor accept responsibility for their accuracy or completeness. All users use published content at their own responsibility. We reserve the right to change, add, or remove pages on the website (entirely or partially) without prior notice, and we do not assume responsibility for any consequences of such changes.

Privacy protection

Atlantic Droga Kolinska is committed to protecting the privacy of users of the website. The Cockta website does not collect users' personal data, but only anonymous data for the purposes of web analytics,

for which purpose we use Google Analytics, produced by Google, Inc. (Google), which is a tool for monitoring and analysing visits to this website. Google Analytics uses cookies, data files which are stored on your computer and which make it possible for a website to analyse how it is used. Information on your use of the website along with your IP address will be transferred and stored on Google's servers in the USA.

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As the website contains links to other sites which are in no way affiliated with Atlantic Droga Kolinska, Atlantic Droga Kolinska assumes no responsibility for the protection of data on these websites.

More Information on Cookies

When a user browses a website they browse anonymously, which is in line with the protection of privacy and personal data. Data regarding the use of websites do not facilitate the viewing of personal data provided by users, and Atlantic Droga Kolinska uses such data exclusively for the purpose of improving website use.

We collect information on the use of the website by using cookies. A cookie is a string of characters that a browser may store permanently on the user's computer. It saves all data and choices regarding visits to individual websites. Websites use cookies each time a user visits those websites by saving a unique identifier and data for statistical processing (the website from which the user came to the Cockta website, the time and duration of the visit to the Cockta website, and other data that are not of a personal nature) in a protected cookie that is temporarily stored on the user's computer.

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