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Slavica Janošević

Slavica Janošević

Violin maker

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  • Slavica Janošević

»Violins are my children, but music is their lover.«

Enjoying every moment of life and making the most of everything that it offers you – that's how I would describe my life.

Although I earn my living in the theatre, where I work as a costume designer, as soon as I'm done with my job I go into my own world, my own projects. I am truly all over the place and my friends tell me I should slow down a bit, but every time I want to relax, unwind and take a deep breath, the violins are here. To make violins you have to be relaxed, you have to have a steady hand and you have to be focused. The instrument – the violin – knows exactly when I am nervous and preoccupied.

»It takes me around 200 hours to make a violin, but I don't notice it. I lose my sense of time when I'm working.«

The things I like most about making violins is their sweetness and powerful sound. The feeling I get when I make a beautiful violin and hear its sound for the first time is indescribable. But I always say that I am a devoted parent to my violins, and music is their partner, without which they could not shine. A violin by itself is worth nothing, but when paired with good music it becomes a powerful diva. I try to make the best violins that I can, the best possible "divas", so that each one is better than the last. When I asked my teachers how long it takes to become a professional violin maker, one told me that after 15 years you understand everything there is to know, and another said that you need 30 years – I'm somewhere in between. I don't think I am a great master, since that takes years and years of experience, but I'm on the right path to becoming the best.

In life it is extremely important to be persistent and to have clear goals, as that makes it easier to overcome all the obstacles. The most important thing in life is to be happy, and the only path to happiness is to do what you love.


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