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"I can't imagine us having normal office jobs, we're not that kind of people."

We fell in love with fire completely by accident, by watching street performers. We both started learning circus tricks, and that's what brought us together. Fire is powerful but also dangerous. You have to be careful with it. You have to learn how to control it, but when you figure it out, you can put on a great performance.

We both love the Viking period and mythology, so we started learning circus tricks. We don't like staying in one place – we are constantly learning new skills and tricks. That's the only way we can grow. The skills are not easy to acquire, but we see it as a game, perhaps because we love doing it so much. We are a good example of the saying that if you do what you love, it doesn't feel like work.

"We have always been fascinated by fire, that's how we met and became friends."

We are full of excitement before every show. We can't describe the feelings in your body and soul before a performance, but we are definitely full of adrenaline. The feeling after a show, when we realise how good we were and how excited the audience was, is indescribable.

There's nothing better than when people come up to you, pat you on the shoulder and say that the show was terrifying but also amazing. It's nice when they appreciate what we do. We have to admit that foreigners are much more excited by our skills and that we are more appreciated abroad. That may be because they are familiar with what we do, since it already exists in other countries. In our country it is still in its infancy. Croats are only starting to learn what circus tricks are.

We didn't get into this hobby in order to be famous, that was never our goal, but because we loved it. And we have never followed the herd, but always looked for our own path. We were always a bit strange an unusual, and people didn't understand us, but now they are starting to. We were forging our own path, which was unknown to them.

"Do what you love. At first they may not understand, but eventually they definitely will."

We are still fighting against people's ignorance, but we fight so that future generations will have better conditions. So that they will have the same opportunities as their peers in the global metropolises.

Remember: keep on doing what you love to do, even if everyone around you thinks it's weird and no matter how many times you are misunderstood. Sooner or later they will understand, and then it will all be clear to them. And you will be happy and satisfied with your life. You only live once, and you have to be the captain of your own ship. Be yourself and do what you love.


If you are looking for the future, grab a Cockta and check the mirror – it is you. You and all those bold, authentic, free spiritst that have the guts, love and passion to make it happen. Cockta is there for all of you – and you are here, at the door to the future. Open it!