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Merita & Hector

Merita & Hector

Music & cultural mash-up

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»"I think we're the luckiest people on Earth, as we can sing whenever we want to, and we live our lives with and through music.«

Although our friends make fun of us and call us bohemians and altruists, we know that's not true. The reason we are so smiling and happy is our love of life, songs and people.

We are sustained by our shared love and by music. We would be dead without it. We are able to express ourselves through art. We can't even imagine working some nine-to-five office job where we couldn't express our originality and emotions. People often forget that happiness is made of the little things – we are aware of this and we try to live every day as if it were our last. Sometimes it's hard to live together, since every once in a while you can feel the tension between the cultures, but as I always say, we are a really compatible couple. You see, I studied French and have been in love with French literature forever, and Hector wanted to learn about Bosnian culture. So we found each other and totally completed one another. He showed me the French perspective, and I taught him about Bosnian culture and the Bosnian language. And on top of all that we share our love of music.

»The richest reward is learning about new cultures, languages and music, as that's when you realise how diverse your own culture is.«

My favourite time is when we are practicing by the river, relaxed, carefree and happy – we don't have any fights about the repertoire, we agree on everything and there are no problems. When we aren't playing and going to concerts, we hang out with our friends. We love being with people, with our friends, we love singing, joking around and enjoying life – that's why we like spending time with them most of all.

Our everyday life is actually a song – life is a song, find your happiness and treasure your life and the people around you.


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