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Maša Avramović

Maša Avramović

Mural painter

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  • Maša Avramović

»Each and every one of us imagines painting on walls - for me, that's not a dream because I live it.«

People love my murals but they are caught off guard and surprised when they see me - so tiny - painting them. My love for murals developed when I was a little kid painting on a wall for the first time. Every child has a desire to draw on walls, but my parents gave me the opportunity to do it. The feeling you get from drawing is indescribable; it gives you power, strength and happiness that is difficult to put into words – and we're talking about a mere drawing.

My mural painting process starts with an idea, after which I make a sketch in my notepad followed by the actual act of painting a wall. I am most proud of my first painting I did as a child. I keep returning to it and it always inspires me. My favourite mural is my first one because you remember your first forever. I am, however, most proud of the mural I did for a bar. I did it in double-quick time, pedantically, but being a perfectionist I must nevertheless say that it turned out better on the wall than in the sketch.

»People's positive emotions fill me with indescribable impetus – I feel as if the sky is the only limit.«

I need not waste words and time telling you that my family always has my back in everything that I do, and my friends are always proud to point out the walls I painted. It is my greatest wish to one day be able to make a living from painting murals. Just think how good it would be to be a child your whole life and to always be able to play with paint and characters. The best thing about these paintings is that they make children and adults alike happy. If I could, I would paint the entire city of Belgrade – the streets would be much prettier and happier, and the people would be much more comfortable. I show every one of my works to my parents and friends because they are the best fans and the most honest critics. I know their advice is sincere and I always listen to them because they want me to be the best. The message to all those who read and watch this video is that you too can wake your inner child and need not be afraid of doing so. So take a brush and some paint and start painting.


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