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  • Marko Mišković

»Slackline gave me the courage and motivation to face my problems.«

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and I like to spend my free time outdoors, since my hobby – slackline – allows me to focus on myself. This is my therapy. I have a full-time job, but my weekends and free time are my own, and actually I always choose to do the same thing – slackline.

Slackline is walking on an elastic line suspended between two support points, and highline is a subcategory of slackline in which the line is hung at least 10 metres above the ground.

I heard about slackline by coincidence on a camping trip and it was love at first sight.

A lot of people think that slackline is an adrenaline sport, but it's not. You have to be totally calm to walk a slackline. For me, each walk on a slackline is a new battle. You do feel your adrenaline when you're on the line, but you have to be strong enough to control it.

Highline is an excellent way for people to overcome their fear of heights.

»When you're on the line, you think about yourself and your life. When you're high up there's no time for philosophising, because you're just focusing on how you're going to get to the end.«

I would recommend it to anyone, even if they only hang from the line. There's nothing to be afraid of, since everything has a fail-safe. Believe it or not, highline is a lot safer than walking across a field.

Highlines are always set up in beautiful locations, and that's one of the main reasons why I fell in love with it. These places are extremely photogenic, and you get amazing views. Our dream is to set up a highline in the Arena in Pula.

The most interesting part of the sport is setting up a highline over a cliff. We sometimes use a drone, and sometimes just an ordinary fishing pole. Although it's very fun, setting up takes several hours and is very tiring.

Slackline gave me the courage and motivation to face problems that I would otherwise not have been able to.

A lot of thoughts go through your head when you're on a highline. You think about yourself, your life, your views and everything. You can only move forward when you're thinking about nothing else but the next step. As soon as your thoughts go elsewhere, you fall and your walk is over.

»I'm determined and stubborn, and those are the qualities you need for slackline.«

Highline is definitely a highly emotional activity, as you meet people who are dealing with their greatest fears. You talk about things that you don’t even talk about with your best friends and family.

Slackline is a physical activity that helps you develop your coordination, mental capacities and concentration, and you get to hang out with interesting people. I meet new people every week. The sense of community is something that drew me to slackline.

People who are into slackline are free spirits who love their freedom. They are for the most part people who push their own personal envelopes.  What inspires me in life is the possibility to affect people and to create things – and slack is something new that’s worth building.

It’s not a circus act. Anyone can get into slack. All you need is willpower.


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