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Lazar Ćurković

Lazar Ćurković

Longboard rider

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  • Lazar Ćurković

»I don't think about much as I race through the wind, but just enjoy the sounds of nature and feel fantastic. I need total concentration since the streets are full of traffic and the speeds can reach 50 mph.«

My life is one big game; I spend most of my time having fun. My friends say that my smile is contagious, but I like it because I enjoy company and our sessions.

I have always loved adrenaline and going fast, and I especially enjoy the aspect of the body following the wheels. I live in Leskovac, a town where not much is going on, so I decided to introduce some action.

»When I become a father, I will immediately buy a board for my child.«

My daily routine must include action, so I surrounded myself with people who share my passions. After long rides, adrenaline can sometimes stay with me for days and that it is the power and the feeling that I enjoy.

I have to take great caution in traffic because drivers do not approve of me sharing their roads, but I enjoy racing and I feel like I'm in a video game. When I ride in the rain or at night, I must be extremely attentive, but this is the type of riding I prefer because that is when I have to give it my all.


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