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Jovan Korićanac

Jovan Korićanac


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  • Jovan Korićanac

»As a kid I loved Spiderman; maybe that's when my love for parkour was born.«

Parkour means everything to me, it gives you a different perspective on the world, and it's different from other types of sports because of the environment and the training. I love to climb buildings and overcome different kinds of obstacles.

You don't need anything special for parkour, but it gives you a lot in return. There are no facilities for training parkour – you train wherever and whenever you can. I can't imagine my life without parkour, I never skip a training session. Parkour relaxes me and I don't feel good without it.

Spiderman was my childhood idol and that's when it all began. I often see parents who don't allow their children to run around and climb, and I don't get it.

»For me, parkour is a sport where all you need is desire and determination.«

People are almost always amazed when they see me, the ease with which I can overcome obstacles and climb buildings, and I seem almost unreal to them. At the beginning it seemed nearly impossible to me too, and I thought I would never succeed, but if you work hard enough and set yourself a goal, I'm sure that you will achieve it. The training itself is hard, but that's exactly its charm, as you have to try things several times and figure out what moves are the best for doing planned exercises.

I wish more people did parkour, since it is a sport that costs almost nothing, but it gives a lot in return.


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