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Bojan Gazibara

Bojan Gazibara

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  • Bojan Gazibara

»I was very excited to pack my suitcases because I knew that I was doing the right thing for myself, which was to see and experience the magic of travel.«

I had been planning the trip for a long time and last year I packed my things and finally dared to start my long journey. 

I was apprehensive at first because planning this long trip in advance was rather stressful. Buying a one-way ticket is the simplest thing, but that is when the real adventure begins. I have always wanted to see and learn about Asia but not spend a lot of money doing it, which is a real catch-22; it helps to know how and when to buy tickets. I hope that people who follow me will find practical advice on how to travel on a budget and what details they should pay special attention to.

»The hardest part about packing is bringing everything you might need while making sure to keep the weight of the luggage down.«

I travelled a lot over the first six months and saw a lot; this trip has changed me – I've opened up and became more tolerant. Thailand, Singapore and the Philippines amazed me with how clean their beaches were – every beach is like an astonishing scene out of a movie.

»Don't stay in one place because there are so many to discover.«

Life is a game for me and you need to dare to step out of your comfort zone of everyday life. I'm quite enthusiastic when it comes to food and the gourmet aspect of this trip was a true challenge for me.

I've had the chance to try unbelievable dishes and culinary combinations. I thrive in a stress-free lifestyle because there's no place for tension when you're travelling other than what's called for when finding your bearings, enjoying yourself and soaking in the world around you.

I took one photo of every city, town and village I visited. Only one, but I now have thousands of them. As I look through them now I see the towns, the colours and the people – all of which remind me of the flavours and emotions I have experienced around the world.


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