Aerial acrobatics 8 hr
Antea &  Antonia & Dora

Antea & Antonia & Dora

Aerial acrobatics

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  • Antea & Antonia & Dora

>>I wouldn't trade my pastime for anything in the world.<<

We met at an aerial acrobatics course.

Dora uses a hoop, Antonia uses aerial silks, and I use a trapeze. I am sorry that I didn't discover the trapeze earlier, since it is an excellent exercise that relieves stress at the same time.

>>A lot of people think we're not normal, since we do our routines at great heights, but we enjoy it, which is the most important thing.<<

I battled my fear of heights for a long time, but I managed to overcome it, and the trapeze played a crucial role in that. Aerial acrobatics has brought us only positive things. Now we are more sure of ourselves, more self-confident and happier. We spend all of our free time in the gym, where we perfect our old routines and invent new ones. Our friends and relatives often accuse us of spending more time in the gym than with them, since we go straight to the gym after work.

>>Be happy and do what you love – some people will immediately recognise the effort and love, while others never will.<<

It's very hard to describe the feeling and the satisfaction that doing aerial acrobatics brings us. Antonia and Dora are architects, and they can hardly wait to get to the gym, since they spend the whole day at the office, while I am a little luckier, since I work as a barista at a café and I am moving all day.

We would like people to recognise our skills and efforts. We would like the future generations to have more choice, for instance to be able to make a living off the pastime that we enjoy.


If you are looking for the future, grab a Cockta and check the mirror – it is you. You and all those bold, authentic, free spiritst that have the guts, love and passion to make it happen. Cockta is there for all of you – and you are here, at the door to the future. Open it!