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Indie rock, modern pop, disco & punk band


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»We play, compose, live and socialise together. In fact we are a small family in which we all understand each other and respect each other.«

Manca Trampuš, Domen Don Holc, Tilen and Miha Prašnikar

We know each other from our home town, we were brought together by music, we supported each other and still do.

We started making music together, being original and different. We don't care what other people think of us and how they see us, the important thing for us is that audiences know and appreciate our work. There are days when we have no inspiration, but then without pressure the best songs just some spontaneously. When we write a new song, we are guided exclusively by passion, so our songs can be in any language. We write the way we feel at that moment, and our biggest advantage is, we have no boundaries.

»You can't put us in any specific genre. I know that's the most important thing for everyone, but we play just like we feel in that moment, and sometimes it's rock, sometimes punk, sometimes pop, depending on where it takes us.«

We click really well together and do everything together, we live in the same house and practice in the basement. Although it sounds idyllic, we all work and we have to pay the bills somehow. It's great that our creative factory is just a few steps away, where we write new songs. We make music depending on how we feel, and we don't like being categorised in specific genres. We play everything – pop, rock, punk, whatever flows. We practice every day, even if it's just for an hour. We enjoy it, it's a part of us. We don't think we're stars, and that's not our aim. We just want to create music that we like and our audience likes.

A venue full of happy people is our reward for the effort we put in and gives us additional energy to write songs. Like every community we have our bad days and we quarrel over little things. The most important thing is that our quarrels don't last long, and mutual respect is the key to our relationship and friendship. There is no leader in our band, we find solutions through agreement.


Wenn du in die Zukunft blicken willst, schnapp dir eine Cockta und schau in den Spiegel – die Zukunft bist du! Du und alle die mutigen und authentischen Freigeister, die den Mut, die Liebe und die Leidenschaft besitzen, etwas zu bewegen. Cockta ist für euch da – und ihr seid hier, am Tor in die Zukunft. Öffnet Sie!