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Joža Vrban

Joža Vrban

Municipal worker and standup comedian


  • Joža Vrban

»I fight injustice and I have a vision of how to force people to recycle! I chose the most powerful tool against depression, and that's humour.«

My life philosophy is to laugh every day, which is something I promised myself, and it would never occur to me to neglect the person I love most – myself. Humour is therapy for me, and I can't imagine a day passing without laughter.

My working day is very different from my glamorous night life, when I perform at the club, because by day I work at the recycling centre, and I spend my evenings in performance and audience laughter. I'm not ashamed of my "real" job, the one I currently live off, and I've never experienced a negative reaction because I work as a municipal refuse worker. People ask me a lot, how girls react when they find out I work at the dump, and I proudly reply: "I'm lucky, I don't bring my work home!"

»People ask me a lot, how girls react when they find out I work at the dump, and I proudly reply: I'm lucky, I don't bring my work home!«

My great passion and obsession is to get other people to laugh, especially when I see people around me who are having a difficult time. I find inspiration and ideas for my standup everywhere, and in fact at work I'm constantly rehearsing lines for my evening performance. I'm pleased with the audience reaction to my performances, I really didn't expect to be so well received.

Loud applause from the audience is my favourite moment of the day. It gives me strength and energy to stay on the right path.

In cultural terms we are a region that values humour and a good laugh – I must admit that this makes it even harder to think up gags, since I have a demanding audience. Although I start my working day very early, at five in the morning, I have enough energy for my hobby. For me the most important thing is to fill my life with laughter and positive energy.


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